The start of a new hobby??

Could blogging become a new pasttime for me?? I started this blog with the intention of updating it regularly with random thoughts and maybe some other artsy fartsy things when i had the urge to, but of course… it fell victim to another thing i started and did not finish… DOH!

So i guess i should take this time to introduce myself huh? You already know what i look like… so do you know:

  • I love all Disney cartoons and I went for years wanting to be a cartoonist because of them. I won an illustration contest back in elementary school, but then i found out how severely underpaid cartoonists are and i rethought my career plan.
  • I have a wicked obsession with all gadgets and technology. Why on earth do i want another camera? I already have 2. My Canon Powershot SD300- my daily take along because you never know who you may run into you know.

future hubby in an alternate life

future hubby in an alternate life

Like for real, what if i ran into my boo-cakes in the street?? A real woman should be prepared at all times!

Anyway, i digress… now, my other camera…

  • Panasonic Lumix TZ-3, which is my newest baby. The zoom on it kicks major ass and it’s my go to camera for any concert i happen to go to.
  • I hate all forms of cooking and i secretly wish i find a man that knows how to cook because all i do these days is microwave or buy already prepared goods. Seriously, all i can make are pancakes, turkey bacon, oatmeal, french toast, eggs, rice, and fry stuff.
  • To this day I wish i could be in a rock band. More alternative stuff – think Coldplay, Radiohead… not as hardcore as Metallica or anything, lol… My mom would have probably kicked me out if i did. She already thinks I’m quite strange for my listening habits. Not to worry though, I’m slowly converting her – she loves MuteMath now!! SCORE!
  • Speaking of MuteMath they are my favorite band EVER! My first real “rock” concert I ever attended and they blew me away! I mean minus the mini mosh pit going on where i was standing, it was pretty amazing! I’m telling u, if you have the chance to see them live… DO IT!! They do not disappoint!!
  • I prefer Best Buy as my favorite electronics store solely because the logo has blue in it and that is my favorite color. How shallow? LOL
  • I think my next job will be working for Google. I’ve already checked out the openings, now I just have to actually apply. Not saying I am anytime soon, but it’s there if i need to! LOL

So are you thoroughly bored yet?? Don’t worry, this is just intro. The best is yet to come!


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