Yea, this is me after 1 red bull

LOL yes, i'm very tired.. and yes, that is a stuffed animal.

LOL yes, i'm very tired.. and yes, that is a stuffed animal.

So yea, the red bull has no effect whatsoever. I don’t think it works at all because I feel even more tired now. I want my $2.00 back! I thought Red Bull gives u wings!! lol

So now i’m like super duper bored! Reading fan-fiction stories to pass the time before i pass out… A lot of them are actually written really well surprisingly! LOL

And if you were wondering, that stuffed animal i’m laying on is George. He’s a gorilla my ex-bf got me when he took me to the top of the Empire State Building. To think, all these years I’ve lived in NY and i was never up there until we started dating. Sigh. I admit sometimes i miss him so 😦 But oh well… people come and go from your life for a reason.

Anyways, I was talking to someone (hi Tanya!) last night about how a certain newfound friend of mine very well may have changed my life. (hi P!) Never have i been so completely inspired to go out and DO SOMETHING with my life!! I have this overwhelming urge to travel now, and really take advantage of my underlying gifts and talents. So for that Miss P, i am forever grateful to you. 🙂

Not to mention I’ve met two AMAZING women in their own right… Tanya and Laura!! LOVE U GUYS!!! (lol i feel like a beer commercial now)

And yea, sorry i keep alternating on using capitals and punctuations. It’s a bad habit. Too many years of texting and instant messaging really messes up your grammar, lol.

And yea if you guys are interested in seeing some photos from the past, including the old bf, lol, check out my Flickr acct here.

Ok back to my reading, it’s getting pretty good!!!



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