You ever just have something that gets on your nerves?? Case in point:
Back in early January, i met this cute n funny guy from Australia, for all intents and purposes we shall name him Jack. So Jack and I went to see Dwele:

This is Dwele. He is a singer, and he's also very, very cute. :P

This is Dwele. He is a singer, and he's also very, very cute. 😛

Anyway, we hit it off at the show, exchanged emails since he’d be traveling across US and Canada for the next 2 months before he went home to Australia. We emailed a few times, but it was sporadic due to his travel schedule, which is understandable. He said he would mail me a longer email when he got back home.


So he’s back, he mails me. More of a reacquainting note, saying he had a great time and wishes we could have went out again. (insert kool-aid grin here) So he asks me to write him back and tell him what’s been going on.. or “the goss” as he says it. So i did, on March 10th. What day is it now?? March 20th?!?! 10 days and no reply. Hmm.

Now am i just overreacting?? Should i be patient and not give up all hope on Jack altogether? I know its plain ridiculous that i’m even considering a more than platonic relationship with someone from Australia and i am from NY, but it was nice to think it could happen. Very rarely do i hit it off with someone so easily and quickly, as i am very shy u know. (blushes)

I dunno what to think to be honest. Hmm… I mean if he lost interest he could of just told me. Ahh i dunno *throws up hands*

Suggestions? Comments?

Also- i have deemed Friday’s to be “Song of the Week” day. So here is the 1st song of the week that has taken over my ipod.
Vanished by Crystal Castles


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