Oi Bobbeh!!!

Bobby Long came from London to NYC and shared his music with us, and I couldn’t have been more grateful! You see, I have a wide range of musical tastes and he is definitely rubbing my folk/blues/country bone the right way. I admit i found out about Bobby from Rob Pattinson’s song “Let Me Sign” on the Twilight soundtrack, but Bobby can indeed hold his own.

I caught Bobby on both nights of his shows here in NYC; the 1st being at “Lakeview Lounge” – a teeny, tiny dive bar located on the Lower East Side. Sort of that hole in the wall place that kind of smells like your mom’s basement but has super cheap beer so it doesn’t even matter after a few, lol. When I tell you it was standing room only, it was standing room only. Me being smart enough to plan beforehand, i made my way up to the stage and stood there for the whole 3 hrs it took Bobby to take the stage. Yes, dedication. After 1 beer, countless hours, fan girls sqeeing in my ear and one nearly vomiting on me, here are the fruits of my labor:

http://www.qik.com/tynie626 – video that i streamed live from the show 🙂

Bobby Long - Lakeview Lounge, NYC

Bobby Long - Lakeview Lounge, NYC

Click here for the rest of the photos from night 1

Onto night 2… Which i really wasn’t planning on going to, but i said if the “B” train comes, then it’s meant for me to go to this show, and lo and behold it came right then. This show was held at “Arlene’s Grocery” – an actual supermarket that was converted long ago into a club. This venue was far larger than the previous night, with a lot less drama. It didn’t seem as intimate though, and although he was still playful, he was a bit less than the previous night. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed both sets!!

You want video? You got video…

For the rest of the videos, click here!! (4 total)

and you know i got tons of pics…

Bobby Long - Arlenes Grocery, NYC

Bobby Long - Arlene's Grocery, NYC

For the rest of those pics, click here!!

See now, i’m not usually really enthusiastic about too many artists these days, but this is a newcomer that deserves my praise. I was blown away, literally. He sings with passion and emotion and it’s very refreshing to see someone so young (22) be that serious about his music in this day and age.

Check him out on Facebook and Myspace, I urge you, everyone!!!


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