A Boring Rainy Tuesday Night… and my thoughts.

Reposted from Facebook: [ everything in quotes and brackets are what others said]

ahem ppl. always make sure to say what u mean and mean what u say. integrity is a highly valued trait. also, why are so many people scared of telling the truth?? it’s easy.. and it usually comes out eventually anyway.

besides, if u go thru life always telling the truth, then nobody can ever come at u later on some BS.

[ someone commented about losing faith in people]

it’s something that i have to learn to accept. just because my standard is this, doesn’t mean that i can hold people to the same standards. i can’t even begin to act surprised when they do disappoint me because i knew in the beginning that they would.

it’s a hard thing to accept. especially for someone like me who always tries to see the good in people no matter what. past instances i’ve usually learned my lesson too late and i end up with all the hurt.

and not trying to sound all holier than thou either. i mean, growing up i did my fair share of lying and deceit. but i learned quickly how to evaluate my decisions and actions based on how they will affect other people. before i make a decision i always imagine and ask myself how it would affect others.

it frustrates me that more people don’t take the time to do that, sadly.

i guess the selfishness of some people still astounds me no matter how many times i’ve seen it firsthand.

lol i just remembered the grey area of secrets and trust in relation to lies. i’ll leave that area alone. i just mean boldfaced LIES! lol

[this got me thinking of a quote i read… A person should not be too honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first]

well i suppose the “not too honest” part would be made up of secrets u keep for yourself and others then. 😛 and i mean small secrets! not like u have a wife in the next town or something like that

[HA! small is a relative term but we all would agree that aint small..
but overall, honesty requires foresight, an ability not many possess. the foresight not to get yourself into ish that will cause you to lie later…]
yes foresight. that was the term for what i was explaining earlier. thank u! lol

but now thinking about it.. me saying that i shouldn’t be surprised by disappointments, would mean that i would go into things with a negative outlook which isnt good either.

how would i balance that?? unless i just learn how to deal with disappointment gracefully instead of outright trying to avoid disappointment altogether……

ehh i dunno,lol. im just rambling on

ha!! thinking more on the topic of foresight now.. i’ve said so many times “why can’t men think about their gf/wives/family before they go out and cheat”.

then i thought about primal needs. like sex is just as much a primal need as are hunger and thirst. i mean, if u were starving on the street, u’d do whatever u could in order to get fed. so in some weird way i guess i can understand how men (ok and women, lol) cheat.

that primal drive sometimes clouds better judgment *nod nod*…

but i am in no way saying that it makes it right!!! SOME people are able to successfully control those instincts.

so does that make the one who can control himself “the stronger one??” i guess in a way it does. if a person can consciously control the basest of instincts then i guess it would make them stronger than someone who cannot.

btw, this is not what prompted my initial post.. lol no one has cheated on me in my current situation. i’m just saying..


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