They Came, They Played, They Amazed.

That’s right. Bobby Long and Sam Bradley returned once again to The Big Apple. Once again, not surprisingly, their performances exceeded their last.

First up: Bobby Long

Bobby played 3 shows here in the city, the first being a free industry ASCAP showcase as part of CMJ Music Festival week. The set was short, only about 6 songs, but he played and sang well. He performed just enough of the song to whet everyone’s appetite for the other shows to come that week, which was indeed a smart move.

Because, the next show was at The Bitter End, which was the venue he ended the tour at last time he was in NYC. I debated whether or not if I should go, first of all because it was raining cats and dogs and secondly because I was just plain tired, but I couldn’t miss a show while I knew Bobby was in town.  I always feel as if i’d miss something epic.  Anyway, Bobby played even better than at the ASCAP showcase. He also debuted a new song called “The Stranger Song” which I was a little upset I missed the beginning of because I was in line for the bathroom. But the song is absolutely gorgeous. It might possibly be my new favorite, next to “Sad Woman Blues’ of course,lol.

The only thing that sucks about the Bitter End is that there is never any meet and greet because another band comes in to play right after him. I’ve met Bobby numerous times, so the concern is mostly for the people who have possibly traveled long distances to see him or if it’s their first time seeing him in general.

But now, onto the pièce de résistance! The show at good ole Arlene’s Grocery. Bobby’s favorite and mine. I knew this show was the must see out of all of them, and yes, I recorded the whole show, so sadly no photos from me. But he played beautifully, he sang beautifully, he was funny and endearing, he even took requests. And finally, my request for “Sad Woman Blues” was granted. The song that initially led me to Bobby, Marcus and Sam. The song that started it all. He sang it with emotion. I like to think he sang it to me. LOL

Remember my last post about Bobby, when I said it was obviously evident how much he’s grown. Well he’s grown even more. This man is destined for stardom. Mark my words!!

Now…. Sam Bradley!!

Sam, far surpassed any expectation that I had of him since the last time I saw him. That boy knows how to work a stage. Where Bobby lets his music speak for him when he performs, Sam throws everything he has into his performances. It’s evident that he knows exactly who he is as an artist and where he’s going.

It was also the first time of me seeing him with a full band and they added an extra layer of dimensions to his songs! Absolutely phenomenal. We sang, we danced, and we cheered til our throats were sore. I can’t wait for him to return to NYC. His show is a must see.

So that’s it folks! As usual for more pics, check out my photo blog at http://tyniepics.wordpress.com

Also, Bobby Long and Marcus Foster will be coming back to NYC in December! A lot of my friends are coming from out of state to see these 2 play back to back dates at the infamous Mercury Lounge. If you are NYC, this is a can not miss event. If you aren’t in NYC, I suggest you find a way to get here. It’s a weekend! No excuses!! LOL But seriously, check out their myspaces for more info on where you can catch Bobby, Marcus and Sam on tour. I highly recommend you see them all!





1 Response to “They Came, They Played, They Amazed.”

  1. 1 aestar101
    November 7, 2009 at 10:52 pm

    That concert seemed interesting. I’l definatly check their sites.

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