Joshua Radin?? Is That You??

Was the man I saw last night really Joshua Radin?? I was expecting a weak-voiced, whispering singer. But what I got was a man who filled the room with his voice without the aid of a mic, and has some hard rocking tunes under his belt as well. Webster Hall was lit on fire last night by the man I least expected to do it. The crowd was as loud as a stadium show for this man, and I completely understand why.

If you don’t know who Joshua Radin is, you should get yourself well acquainted with him. He’s going to be super famous, you mark my words. Such a talented songwriter and dynamic performer. He sings with such feeling and emotion. He admits, a lot of his songs are inspired by loves won and loves lost, so you can see and feel the emotion he puts into them while singing. Yes, he moved me to tears at one point during a song called “No Envy, No Fear”. He says he wrote the song after living in LA for 4 years, and how the singer/songwriters there at a local bar accepted him as one of their own.

He’s also got quite the mouth on him.. motor mouth that is. He had these long gaps of banter. Now, being a John Mayer fan, I’m already a huge fan of banter and Joshua’s banter did not disappoint. He was engaging, funny and adorable. I enjoyed every talking section just as much as every song. He made sure it didn’t just feel like he was singing to us. He wanted us to know the reasons behind every song and get a glimpse at who he really is as a person. I definitely appreciated that about him.

At one point he jumped down from the stage and proceeded to sing a Bob Dylan song, without the help of any mics or amplifiers of any sort. And I must say you could hear him completely.

Overall.. completely impressed with Joshua Radin. He blew me away. Not only because his songs were painfully gorgeous, but because I wasn’t expecting him to sing so powerfully while still maintaining that ethereal beauty of the songs. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing him again very soon. I also said I would want him to sing at my wedding if I could afford it. He did a song called “Today” that was amazingly gorgeous and coincidentally it was also the same song he sang at Ellen Degeneres and Portia DiRossi’s wedding. 🙂 For more on Joshua Radin, check out his website at http://www.joshuaradin.com

I also wanted to say a bit about the opening band, The Kin. Two brothers from Australia, I was pleasantly surprised and amazed with them as well. Such gorgeous voices, and easy on the eyes as well. 😉

Literally, all their songs were gorgeous. I wanted to buy a cd, but I ran out of money, so I will have to order it online. But wow!! Such great voices on these guys. I wasn’t expecting them to be so good. Check them out when you can at http://www.myspace.com/thekin.

For all the photos from the show, as well as other shows, check out my photos at http://picasaweb.google.com/tynie626.


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