Day 3: Touristy in London

Another day of sightseeing under our belts. Went to Tower of London and saw the castle. The tour guide was a complete riot. Got some video of him that I will post later 🙂 For now, some photos:

The castle even had a moat. It was full of grass by now, but I thought it was cool. Turns out this was the place were Anne Boelyn is buried as well…. And everyone knows how much I loved The Other Boelyn girl, lol.

We also went into the chapel, and saw the Crown Jewels as well, but we were not allowed to take photos. Talk about bling that would but these rappers to shame! So ornately beautiful.

We did walk around the grounds a bit and saw this:

And this:

Man those crows are huge! I didn’t realize how big they are until I saw them next to a pigeon… Holy crap. Lol.

After a while, we went up into one of the towers and saw some graffiti:

And I peeked out of where the archers would have been while protecting the castle:

After that Meghan took a lil tiger snooze on a bench…. Not really. But she did take a break on a bench while I went into another tower to see the armor and weapons.

And this was my face after coming out:

Slightly unenthused… You know why? Because this man inside who was old enough to be my dad hit on me. In London! My plague has followed me across the pond. Seriously? Does my face just scream for only old men to come talk to me? Agh I give up! Lol.

After that we were ready to go home. Stopping for another Magnum ice cream…. Nom… We walked to the tube station. Planning on going out to a nearby pub in Kennington. There are so many line cancellations we thought it would be safer to stay local.

Not holding my breath for any hot guys to come up to me…lol. Such a fail.

Til next time,


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