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Bon Iver.

No witty titles for this blog folks, just straight up Bon Iver.

I made the sojourn to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the Bon Iver show at the Pabst Riverside Theater, 7/23. There was a show that happened the previous night, but the 23rd was the original date that went onsale first for this tour. My friend Meghan and I both love Bon Iver, so we decided that our 1st Bon Iver experience would be together, in Wisconsin. She cracked under the pressure and went to the show on the 22nd, but I still love her,lol.

I made it into Wisconsin on little sleep and a whole lot of excitement!

Meghan quickly scooped me up from the airport, along with another friend of mine, Kat!! HEY KAT!

She had come down for the day for a “Waukee Hang” (LOL). A huge brunch later, we went back to a friend’s house – Jen! The majority of the time between brunch and going to the venue was spent playing with Jen’s dog, Gracie, and trying to bribe Meghan to tell me what happened at last night’s show. Yes folks, I was like a crackhead for information. I NEEDED TO KNOW!!!

Scanning the setlist, I was so happy to see “Beach Baby.” I had requested that song a few weeks ago, glad he included it! Also… BJORK! What!! Bon Iver covering a BJORK song?? Is this real life? The idea of it was so intriguing I snuck onto Soundcloud and found it. Brilliant. I suggest you all take a listen when you can 🙂

A nap later…lol… We decided to head on over to the venue. I was so excited I was about to burst! I think Meghan found my excitement hilarious! LOL. We got to our seats, which were about 10 rows from the back, but still had a great view of the stage. Of course I wished we were front row, but I was just so damned happy to be there, I didn’t even care anymore.

The opening band were The Rosebuds who Justin used to play in back when he lived in North Carolina. I’ve just recently started listening to them, and I do enjoy their songs, but something was off with their sound. At times Ivan’s vocals were way overpowering and loud, other times they were great, and then Kelly’s vocals couldn’t even be heard at all. Not sure what happened there, but it sort of marred their performance slightly…. slightly. I think they would have killed a smaller venue though, no question.

Intermission time was upon us then. Meghan stepped out to stretch her legs and wound up seeing some of the Volcano Choir boys out in the lobby! If you don’t know, Volcano Choir is another band that Justin plays in from time to time.

After a bit Meghan comes back, we talk a little to pass the time… and then…. the lights go down.

My heart immediately starts pounding. I think I grabbed Meg’s arm at one point too.

And then, the cheers start. The deafening applause and yelps completely fill the venue. And out they walked as a group. There were so many of them, they filled the entire stage easily. The backdrop was just a few simple linear lights spread across the stage horizontally. Not fussy at all which I completely expect from Bon Iver. What I didn’t expect was what Justin was wearing. A VEST… and omg… is that… what I think it is?? Justin, are you wearing a BOLO TIE?!?!?! Seriously? LOL. Then again, with him, I am not surprised, just amused. This is the same grown man who performed in a Bart Simpson shirt, and wears a tan fanny pack. And we all love him even more for it. Because it shows how much he’s not into pretenses and appearances. It’s so refreshing… Anyway, I digress….

Finally the tell tale guitar riff of “Perth” begins. The adrenaline in my body at this point has caused me to breathe so heavily I’m feeling a bit faint. Luckily, I managed to calm it down by the time he started singing. And ohhhhh boy, can Justin sing. If you’ve ever doubted the clarity and power of Justin’s falsetto, don’t ever do it again. EVER AGAIN. As a band, on this song, it was extremely overwhelming. They are so cohesive, and so… just… dead on balls accurate on execution that they make it look so easy. Sean and Matt’s dueling drumsets were a thing of encompassing beauty. It was marvelous. At this point I’m so glad they decided to bring all these musicians out on tour because anything less wouldn’t do it justice. Like I predicted, it sounded huge and fucking amazing live and I wanted to live in that moment forever. Those simple little lights provided such an accompaniment to the lyrics and cadence of the song, it was the most spectacular opening song I’ve seen yet, from any band.

And then a few songs later… “Holocene”. The one song I knew I would cry on, and completely on cue, it happened. I looked to Meg and said “Ohhhh nooooo” and felt my eyes well up. I spent the first minute of the song with my head ducked down bawling like a baby. Then I decided to get some audio at least so I can cry about it in the comfort of my own home later today, LOL. But seriously, that song live is just everything I’ve ever felt, every emotion I’ve ever had, every pain I’ve ever experienced. It was overwhelming and I needed to cry on that song to let it out. If you care to hear a fraction of what I heard that night:


After that crying bit, I wound up crying on almost every song all through the middle of the show. It was just 1 song after another, all relevant to me, all have spoken to me or helped me through a situation at one time or another in my life. I remembered these moments and I remember how the songs made me feel at that time, and it was just so cleansing for me to be able to let them go. It’s almost as if hearing the same songs that I heard back then, in a sense, gave me permission to leave it behind. Like I shouldn’t have to carry any guilt or sadness around with me anymore. Particularly gorgeous was one from the new album called “Wash.” The song on the album was already gorgeous, but the live arrangement was stunning. It was one of those moments where you are just so grateful for your life and to be in the room hearing it. I could not stop crying on this song. Meg wound up crying on this one too. The lady next to me probably thought I was completely mental, but I did not care. Justin voice… I can’t even explain… I looked at Meg after one part that Justin sang, just a small riff, but it was so damn gorgeous it hurt me. She felt it too because she had the same expression on her face, and the crowd must have as well because they immediately cheered and clapped.

For a short break in the waterworks department, the boys pulled out another new one called “Hinnom, TX”. I had heard rumblings that while Justin did the heavy lifting on the low parts of the song, the parts that Justin also sing in his falsetto on the album version would be handled by Mike Noyce. Now, I’ve seen Mikey sing only a handful of times, usually in 3 part harmony with Justin and Sean, or a few times taking the lead on some cover songs – “Tampa to Tulsa” and “Simple Man”. But when he bust out the chorus in perfect tune I was so happy. I could have kissed him for doing it so brilliantly. One thing is for sure – All 3 of those guys, Justin, Mikey and Sean can sing their asses off. Without any question. The crowd loved it too because the round of applause he received was certainly well deserved.

And then, tumbling back into the crying songs… the 1st one that ever made me cry upon first listen was “RE: Stacks”. UGH. Just him, alone in the spotlight, on electric guitar. It was so silent you could probably hear the collective heartbeats of everyone in the room, minus the few “woos” and “i love you justin!!”. It doesn’t translate well to this recording, but you can take a listen and see for yourself:


They then launched into the aforementioned cover of the Bjork song, “Who Is It”. Seeing Justin doing his signature 2-step with castanets in his hands will forever be burned into my memory. But the one who stole the show here was Reggie Pace, who beatboxed the entire song, perfectly. He also plays trombone, and the little bells and chimes you hear through the songs. I know that Meg recorded that one, so I suggest you scour YouTube for it. It was so unexpected, but so well done, it felt so so right.

The main set closer was a thing of beauty and something that I couldn’t wait to experience live, “Wolves”. By now, I’m sure you all have seen videos of this song being sang live and how the crowd reacts to it, but nothing, NOTHING, prepared me for it. It was so freeing to be able to hear and be a part of that song. This one I did manage to take some video of. Stealth video because we weren’t supposed to be recording it at all, but I had to capture this moment, if anything, for memories sake:


The encore brought out an old crowd favorite “Skinny Love.” By this time everyone was on their feet from the energy of “Wolves” and refused to sit back down. So at the top of my lungs I sang about loveable lies and forgoing the parable. I could only imagine how everyone on that stage felt with a crowd of that size singing a song that was written by a man who completely down on himself at the time. This is by far Bon Iver‘s biggest hit to date, and one that most anyone could identify with. At that moment in that room we were all equals, and a room of that size managed to feel like we got to share that tiny cabin with Justin for a few minutes.

True to form, he closed the night with “Beth/Rest”, a complete throwback to the 80’s musically, but lyrically it was the perfect choice to end the show. The arrangement of the song also changed a little bit too. For me, it came across a lot less 80’s and more “this is me, take it or leave it.” Justin declared himself, declared what Bon Iver is (or isn’t depending on how you look at it) and declared that there is so much more to come from him. His genius title is completely well deserved and the closing lines “this is axiom” is him outright telling us that he knows who he is and what he’s doing. “For Emma..” might have been his happy accident, but “Bon Iver, Bon Iver” is his huge footprint in the cement.

It’s obvious that I’m a fan, but if it’s possible at all to gain even more respect for a musician than you’ve already had tons for, this would be the man, and this would be the band. Bon Iver are a force to be reckoned with, as cheesy as it may sound. To translate such a lush and intricately orchestrated album into a more beautifully lush and intricately orchestrated live show is not an easy task, yet Bon Iver pulls this off flawlessly. This is by far the best show I’ve ever seen, and definitely a show I recommend everyone see.

For more on Bon Iver, visit the website at


The Top 10 Live Performances of 2009

So, it’s finally Christmas, and what better gift that my picks for the top shows I’ve seen this year. I’ve been to quite a lot of shows considering I’ve been out of work and I figured what better what to stay stress-free than to go to live shows. Music is a passion of mine, and even though I can’t play or sing, I thoroughly enjoy a great show. BTW, I’m working on the playing thing – just got an acoustic guitar thanks to my lovely brother. THANKS DEV!! Without further ado….

Performances: Any artist/band single song performance during 1 song. Artist/band can be listed several times.

10. Joshua Radin – “No Envy No Fear” at Webster Hall, NYC
When I went to see Joshua Radin, I wasn’t expecting him to really belt out a tune like this since he’s known for his “whisper-rock”, but he really impressed. Such an impressive set of pipes on this guy.

9. Sam Bradley – “Fucking Lights” at Webster Hall, NYC
I had previously seen Sam live at Joe’s Pub, but it was without a band. This time he had his band with him and put on the most energetic, rambunctious and lively performances I’ve ever seen him do. So much fun! *NOTE*- Video clip is not from NYC, sorry! But the song is always awesome wherever he performs it, so enjoy!

8. Bobby Long – “Two Tone Lover” at Mercury Lounge, NYC [On Tour Soon Overseas]
I admit, this song was ok for me, not my favorite and not terrible by any means, but when he sang this the other night, he really breathed new life into it. I’ve heard a lot of versions of this song, and this was hands down, the best one he’s ever done.

7. Marcus Foster – “Bus Song” at Mercury Lounge, NYC [On Tour Soon Overseas]
I think I briefly watched Marcus sing this song via YouTube videos a few times, but it hadn’t really clicked with me until I heard him sing it live. The video really doesn’t do it justice. Such a gorgeous song!

6. Mayer Hawthorne – “Green Eyed Love” at Brooklyn Bowl, BK,NY [Performing with John Mayer Trio in Las Vegas, NV- New Years Eve]
Now, when I first met Mayer Hawthorne, bka DJ Haircut, he was a DJ and Producer. I had no idea the man could sing and play a plethora of instruments that would put people to shame. He made an incredible album in 2009, full of the most soulful tracks I’ve heard this year, and embarked on a full blown tour in support. I caught him perform in Brooklyn, and I was awed that this was the same guy I met so long ago in Los Angeles. He became a superstar overnight. Such stage presence and charisma. Truly great performer. You should see him when you have the chance. And this song in particular had the ladies eating out of his hand. Believe me, it’s a lot more sexy in person. LOL *NOTE* Video clip is not from NYC, but please enjoy!

5. Marcus Foster – “Kiss is a Knife” at  Arlene’s Grocery, NYC [On Tour Soon Overseas]
Now, this was the 1st time Marcus was in NYC touring, and when he whipped out this song, I knew I’d be in for a treat. Everyone enjoys when he performs this song! Always a good time, and he throws his whole self into it. You’ll see what I mean.

4. Kings of Leon – “Trani” at Nassau Coliseum, NY
So I trekked all the way to Long Island just so I could see these guys play and I was not disappointed. I remembered this song in particular being the one that blew me away that night. Caleb has an incredible voice on him, I was just awed. Not much else to say about it.. Just watch!

3. John Mayer – “Edge of Desire” at Music Hall of Williamsburg, BK,NY [Currently On Tour]
When I first heard John’s newest album “Battle Studies” I knew that this would end up being my favorite on the album. Never did I expect him to play it live, and at a random free show brought to you by Myspace either! I don’t think he even planned it to be honest, the mood just hit him and he decided to bring it out of hiding.. When he released this as an acoustic solo weeks later at a thank you to fans, he did it on an acoustic guitar. I’m not sure if we will ever get this version again, so enjoy. (Sorry about the sound, and whoever was singing… everyone was singing at that point, and it was impossible not to record it.. 🙂

2. Bobby Long – “Penance Fire Blues/ In My Time of Dyin’/Hoochie Coochie Man” at The Bitter End, NYC [On Tour Soon in Overseas]
I had heard tales of Bobby singing these songs in a medley like this in other cities across the country, but when he did it live, it was a sight to see. Grown women were yelping and hooting for him like they didn’t have boyfriends and husbands at home! Bobby could have told every woman in that place to strip naked and give him $20 and they gladly would. That’s the kind of control  he had over the audience when he sang these songs. Bobby does the blues exceptionally well, and this particular performance cemented that fact into my brain forever.

1. MUTEMATH – “Burden” at Nokia Theater, NYC
Before this I had only seen MUTEMATH one time and just from that one show alone, it cemented them as my favorite band of all time. Their music is phenomenal, but their live show…. completely otherworldly. I’ve never seen a live show quite like this and I highly doubt anyone would be able to top it. Point blank period. You see Darren on drums in the back.. Favorite drummer ever. And FML, Paul is playing a goddamned keytar! When’s the last time you’ve seen one of those onstage?? If I could relive one show, it would be this show. EPIC! I urge everyone to go see them on tour when they go back out again, I really cannot stress this enough. Once again, the video/sound here does not do it justice, but please believe by the time this song was playing, I was a hot sweaty mess and completely spent from jumping around so much.

So folks, that’s all… It’s been an great year for live shows for me, and these people have cranked out some of the best performances this year. Of course, I’m just one opinion out of many, but before you form your own opinion, you should check them out live.


The Brits Brought It Home…

One last time that is… and by home, I mean my home, NYC.

Friday, December 18th was a night I’ve been waiting for for months! The return of the incomparable Marcus Foster to the States. Last time I raved and ranted about how amazing he was, but.. if it’s even possible, he surpassed that. He was funny, endearing and so talented I just wanted to run up and hug him, seriously! This man is my favorite out of the 3, of course Bobby Long and Sam Bradley being the other two. Something about Marcus makes me feel as if I’m witnessing something monumental each time he strums his guitar and opens his mouth.

marcus foste

But that’s also what is so amazing about Marcus. Although you feel as if you’re witnessing something monumental, you also get the feeling that this man has yet to truly show us everything that he’s capable of. Like he’s on Level 6, a damn good Level 6 to be honest, astoundingly good actually. I’m so curious to see what Level 10 will bring out of him. Like who the hell knew he could play piano like he does? I didn’t find out until he returned and did his first few shows over on the West Coast. Makes me wonder what else he can play. Knowing him, he’s probably one of those guys that can just pick up an instrument in a few hours.

Yes, I know. I look overjoyed don’t I?? LOL. I dunno what it is about Marcus, that man makes everyone happy as all hell. I can’t even explain it!

Enough about that, back to the show. Like I said, he brought out his piano skills for “Demons”, which was stunning BTW, and we begged and pleaded for another song, which he obliged us with “WayWayWay” on the keys as well. Throwing in Merry Christmas wishes and “It’s my birthday” plugs of his own, it was one of the most entertaining and lively songs of the night!  He of course made his way through crowd faves such as “I Don’t Mind” and “Tumble Down”, which was one of the most requested of the night – and also one of my top songs of 2009. 🙂 But, I was completely unprepared for the magic of a song simply titled “Bus Song”, because he wrote it on a Greyhound bus. The melody was gorgeous, the lyrics captivating and the way he sang it brought tears to my eyes. No joke, actual tears. I had said in the weeks before the show that he might make me cry and that was the song that did it. I got all misty because it was just soooooo beautiful. It’s like every song he writes is more heartbreakingly beautiful than the last. He’s a brilliant songwriter and musician, dare I say the best I’ve come across in a while.

I remember after the show was over, standing outside with him and his friends, they were casually chatting, as was I with my friends, and I glanced over at him – he looked so happy and carefree. Like a man who was finally getting everything they had ever wanted. He’s so on his way, and I couldn’t be prouder to have witnessed that moment.

Speaking of a man getting everything they ever wanted… Bobby Long was in town the next night to cast his spell on NYC. Apparently part of his spell also included a full blown blizzard, which he admitted he was happy about because he loves snow! LOL.


I must say, without a doubt, this was the best Bobby Long show I’ve ever seen to date. I’ve talked to a few people at the show and they all agreed that he seemed to play each song so deliberately, and with so much emotion and feeling that it was like I was hearing them for the 1st time. And being that this was my 11th show, that’s saying a lot. He launched into what I would say is the most beautiful version of “Two Tone Lover” I had ever heard in my life. I was completely captivated by him in that moment, and so was the audience, he silenced the room with the beauty of his playing and singing. It was a moment I won’t ever forget.


Another thing that Bobby does exceptionally well is tell stories. Insanely funny stories to be exact. One about how a naked woman threw themselves at him and how it wasn’t a joyful experience for him at all. Also, another story about why he couldn’t unbutton his top button because it’s his “chastity button”. Both tales had the crowd erupting into raucous laughter. Even Bobby couldn’t maintain his composure and let out a few chuckles. Throughout this tour, I’ve seen Bobby become more at ease on stage and the elaborateness of his stories now is a telltale sign of just how comfortable he’s gotten.

Although they won’t be back for a while – Bobby in March of 2010 and Marcus in Late June/Early July, they have left us with a plethora of music to tide us over. Expect a full length studio album from Bobby and some new compositions from Marcus as well. Also, a full length album from Sam! 2010 is going to bring so much more for this talented group of Brits, I just can’t wait to see what it is! 🙂

For more information on Bobby, Marcus and Sam, visit:

For full photosets, visit


They Came, They Played, They Amazed.

That’s right. Bobby Long and Sam Bradley returned once again to The Big Apple. Once again, not surprisingly, their performances exceeded their last.

First up: Bobby Long

Bobby played 3 shows here in the city, the first being a free industry ASCAP showcase as part of CMJ Music Festival week. The set was short, only about 6 songs, but he played and sang well. He performed just enough of the song to whet everyone’s appetite for the other shows to come that week, which was indeed a smart move.

Because, the next show was at The Bitter End, which was the venue he ended the tour at last time he was in NYC. I debated whether or not if I should go, first of all because it was raining cats and dogs and secondly because I was just plain tired, but I couldn’t miss a show while I knew Bobby was in town.  I always feel as if i’d miss something epic.  Anyway, Bobby played even better than at the ASCAP showcase. He also debuted a new song called “The Stranger Song” which I was a little upset I missed the beginning of because I was in line for the bathroom. But the song is absolutely gorgeous. It might possibly be my new favorite, next to “Sad Woman Blues’ of course,lol.

The only thing that sucks about the Bitter End is that there is never any meet and greet because another band comes in to play right after him. I’ve met Bobby numerous times, so the concern is mostly for the people who have possibly traveled long distances to see him or if it’s their first time seeing him in general.

But now, onto the pièce de résistance! The show at good ole Arlene’s Grocery. Bobby’s favorite and mine. I knew this show was the must see out of all of them, and yes, I recorded the whole show, so sadly no photos from me. But he played beautifully, he sang beautifully, he was funny and endearing, he even took requests. And finally, my request for “Sad Woman Blues” was granted. The song that initially led me to Bobby, Marcus and Sam. The song that started it all. He sang it with emotion. I like to think he sang it to me. LOL

Remember my last post about Bobby, when I said it was obviously evident how much he’s grown. Well he’s grown even more. This man is destined for stardom. Mark my words!!

Now…. Sam Bradley!!

Sam, far surpassed any expectation that I had of him since the last time I saw him. That boy knows how to work a stage. Where Bobby lets his music speak for him when he performs, Sam throws everything he has into his performances. It’s evident that he knows exactly who he is as an artist and where he’s going.

It was also the first time of me seeing him with a full band and they added an extra layer of dimensions to his songs! Absolutely phenomenal. We sang, we danced, and we cheered til our throats were sore. I can’t wait for him to return to NYC. His show is a must see.

So that’s it folks! As usual for more pics, check out my photo blog at

Also, Bobby Long and Marcus Foster will be coming back to NYC in December! A lot of my friends are coming from out of state to see these 2 play back to back dates at the infamous Mercury Lounge. If you are NYC, this is a can not miss event. If you aren’t in NYC, I suggest you find a way to get here. It’s a weekend! No excuses!! LOL But seriously, check out their myspaces for more info on where you can catch Bobby, Marcus and Sam on tour. I highly recommend you see them all!


All Good Things Must Come to an End.

I’m referring to Bobby Long’s “Dangerous Summer Tour.” That’s right folks. The 1st American leg of the tour is over, and Bobby is well on his way back over the pond to play some European dates before his return in October.

I attended 3 out of the 4 back to back New York dates here – 2 at Arlene’s Grocery and 1 at the Bitter End, which was ironically the last show of the tour.

Now I must say this. I’ve been to 7 Bobby Long shows total, and I have never once felt bored or un-entertained by him. But one thing is clearly evident – this man has really come into his own during the past few months. Let’s just compare:

Bobby Long - April 09 (Lakeview Lounge)

Bobby Long - April 09 (Lakeside Lounge)

Bobby Long - September 09 (The Bitter End)

I don’t know what you see, but in the bottom photo he definitely looks more lost in the music, not even thinking, just letting it flow out of him, and it’s very obvious when you see it live. He’s singing better, playing better, relating to the crowd more – just an overall improvement on something that was already terrific! Well done, Bobby.

There was one song in particular that he really shined on though, and the general consensus is that blues is his niche. The song is a medley – “Penance Fire Blues”, into “In My Time of Dyin'” and then into “Hoochie Coochie Man.” This trifecta of songs creates something so magical every single time he plays it, his talent and skill are just undeniable. I love the blues, and I love it especially when it’s done well, and Bobby certainly doesn’t disappoint. Here is the video to prove it:

If you don’t understand just how epic this version is since I last heard it, here is a reminder of the original version of “Penance Fire Blues” that I heard back in April.

Do u see the differences again?? You see how much more comfortable he is on stage now? Nice! Now, not saying it wasn’t brilliant before, but his growth is remarkable. I foresee lots of great things for Mr. Robert Thomas Jerome Long.

Be sure to check out his myspace here: for all tourdates, updates and blogs from him.

Also, be sure to check out a fabulous street team that helps promote the boys, called “Land of Dreamers” here:

To check out a full, uninterrupted Bobby show, go here: This video I shot all in one take on the second night of Bobby’s shows here. You won’t be disappointed.

For all photos, visit my photoblog here:


Marcus Foster lyrics… finally!!

So i had the bright idea to listen to all of Marcus’ songs and write out the lyrics because there is a need for them!! LOL

My first version of the lyrics were riddled with mistakes, so my friend Meghan helped me clear most of them up.

Buttttt, it would be awesome if Marcus could make sure we got em right.. So if you’re reading Marcus, please help!!

thanks for the editing help meghan!!

“circle in the square”

got a hungry noise inside my head
knows the flavor of the timeless night
ive dreamt the sky but when its gone to bed
never manage to taste the light
i can never manage to taste the light

i lay feeling on the grassy ground
spits and shakes and tries to hide
i can barely feel but i won’t stay still
you can hear her laughing on the other side
you can hear her laughing on the other side

a feast that’s fit for a thousand kings
is laid out for my waiting eyes
thirst could quench 100 wolves
make the circle in the square
make the circle in the square

so i follow the track to the one outside
but crept in my burnt, useless sky
through narrow words and hidden sound
trace my footprints on the ground
i trace my footprints on the ground

beats the feet of a million dreams
slaughtered savage as it seems
if i throw my bones into the sea
pace the shoreline waiting for me
pace the shoreline waiting for me

whooooooa ohhhhh x3


“tumble down”

in this life there’s only one man who is born, who is torn into the night
he has lived and he has died and he’s the only one who’s tied to the night

he will walk
through pointless danger
he will go
through twisted sorrow
he will know
that if he really saw the wall it would all just tumble down

have you ever seen the haunted ancient morning sweep the stars out from the sky
have you ever seen the dust wiped from your heart so clear that you can see it shine, see it shine

as you walk
through your pointless danger
you will go through
twisted sorrow
but you will know
that if you really saw the wall it would all just tumble down

cuz it could hold no more truth..oh
it could hold no more dreams
it could hold no more people… people
they would know what it means
it could hold no more sky
it could hold no more sea
no more.. no more sea
it could hold no more time
cuz it would all, it would all
just tumble
it would fall
it would fall…ooooohhhh yeaaaaahh yeahhhhhhh
ayyyeee down down down down down
tumble down..(adlibs to end)


“shadows of the city”

oh the streets bleeding out for a real dream that’s not filled with unmarked bills
when the moon turns its back to let off steam you’re faced with a cold chill
there’s a bird at the window, smoke in it’s eye, singing off key
there’s a wounded girl with her heart shaped shoe in the shadows

in the shadows
in the shadows
of the city
in the shadows
of the city

well the trains are half empty with faces that try to break off their chains
bound by the sound of the screaming dawn that is all their name
there’s a madman throwing stones at the streetlight coming through a torn out shade
there’s a small river by the fallen tree in the shadows

in the shadows
in the shadows
of the city
in the shadows
of the city

you can feel the air breathing down your neck like a ghost standing by your side
flashing white teeth by the silent road he’s looking for a place to hide
rain cold woman with a knife in her hand and a shovel on the grassy ground
catch a left eye you can hear the sound of the shadows

in the shadows
in the shadows
of the city
in the shadows
of the city


in the shadows

(adlibs to end)

“in your head”

if you try to measure time
it’s gone before the twinkle of an eye
burns out like a candle
blacks out like the sky

can you remember all the skins that you’ve shed
all the dreams stained on your bed
words that your feel
feelings that you’ve said

think of all the things we break
the gifts that you might take
you embrace the silence of the night until you try
to fill it up with silence

in your head
in your head
in your head
in your head
in your head
in your head

do you invent your history
and brave enough to steal the memory
can you get a failure to think you are free

can you remember all the times you tried to teach
the arms you’ve tried to reach
i still don’t know the difference between what we accept or believe

think of all the times you’ve lied
places that you’ve tried
do you think that in your heart that it’s all true
just not fair… oh

in your mind
in your mind
in your mind
in your mind
in your mind
in your mind

fallen like a soldier
risen as the same
do you think that you are graceful

you really jumped the gun
you think that you’re the one
are your hopeful you can leave a trace of yourself

when you’re dead
when you’re dead
when you’re dead
when you’re dead
when you’re dead
in your head

i say..
i say..

in your head

“i don’t mind”

if i had the time to solve the mystery of your crime you know i would
if i had to shape the form of your mechanical design you know i could
well i’ve been up and down the lanes to lose
the memory of your name, the sword is taken from the stone, put it in the lake
but i mended up my heart and i’ve got nothing more but bones to break

but i said i do believe
on the endless roads you weave
you may climb
you may fall
you can spend your lifetime on the wall
i don’t mind

if i had the hand to take the blood out of the sound to make it dry
and if i knew the burn for the secrets of the earth i won’t ask why
well i’ve been in and out of windows just trying to find the doorway i have broken off the marble that is weighted upon my shoe
but i’ve mended up my heart and i’ve nothing more but time to lose

but i said i do believe
on the endless roads you weave
you may climb
you may fall
you can spend your lifetime on the wall
but i don’t mind

if i could look within the endless tears upon your skin would i go blind
if i could carve your face upon and unfamiliar place would i be kind
well i’ve seen visions of a ghost that stands upon the ragged sleeve of all my faded dreams that i’ve broken at the seams
but i’ve mended up my heart and i’m nothing more but salt on the breeze

but i said i do believe
on the endless roads you weave
you may climb
you may fall
you can spend your lifetime on the wall
but i don’t mind

i don’t mind
i don’t mind
i don’t mind
i don’t mind
i don’t mind
i don’t mind


“the room”

pace yourself and
take it slow
nothing here can change us now
the rain may fall and shadows grow but
time has stole the world somehow

the moon is on the rise
im frozen in your eyes

the room is wrapped in dust and silence
keeping out the night
keeping out the night
keeping out the night

the gate may rust and the tide may turn
friends may go their separate ways
fathers trust their child to learn
how to spend their dying day
dying day
dying day
dying day

taken by your hand
like stones set in the sand

the room is charged with ghosts of voices meeting our demands
meeting our demands
meeting our demands

ohhhhhhh yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i said… i….
the sky may crack
world may tumble
streets may see your endless gaze
time keeps traveling
cities crumble
i was born to call your name
call your name
i said call your name
call your name
i said call your name
gnawing of the dark
gnawing of the dark
echoes of the dream
echoes of the dream

the room is folding in your arms a sight i’ve never seen
sight ive never seen
never never seen

(adlib to end)

“chase the blues”

the room is filled with darkness and the streets are filled with pale, white light
the silent sky is folding up the evening with the same old sigh
the dream that i’ve been chasing i’ve been waiting for so long to see
all i have are pieces and they just seem to trample on me

cuz i don’t wanna see the moon go down
and i don’t wanna feel the cold ground
and i don’t wanna think about tomorrow

for today
i wanna chase the blues away
for today
i wanna chase the blues
blues away

well it’s late in the morning and the feeling got me haunted right now
the shadows in the doorway well they always make the same old sound(same old sound)
if i’m not hearing voices then i know i’m bout to go insane
by the time the sun comes up i know the devil has my name(has my name)

cuz i don’t wanna see the moon go down
and i don’t wanna feel the cold ground
and i don’t wanna think about tomorrow

for today
i wanna chase the blues away
for today
i wanna chase the blues away

cuz i… i’ve been waiting for so long
yes and i…feel a change is gonna come
yes i feel it in my bones
i said lawd
i said lawd
i feel it in my bones
in my bones
in my bones
in my bones
in my bones

don’t wanna see
don’t wanna see
don’t wanna see

moon go down
moon go down
going down

(adlib to end)


MEGA Update…

Ok to catch you all up on what has happened:

  • 2 Bobby Long shows
  • Kings of Leon show
  • MuteMath “Armistice” Listening Party

Yes, I’ve been quite a busy bee. So let’s recap shall we…

Bobby Long, Night #1-

He performed at SOB’s this time.. His 1st show in a venue like this. I must admit, I never would have thought i’d see him perform here, because SOB’s stands for “Sounds of Brazil”. They cater to Brazilian music, but over the years they have branched out into other genres. This was the night of “HOPEstock”. There were so many talented acts there, I was completely enjoyed every moment of the night. All the artists were diverse enough to keep it quite fresh and interesting.

Bobby’s set was the most anticipated of the night, though, made very obvious by loud cheers of “PHIL! PHIL! PHIL!” as he took the stage to ready Bobby’s guitar. But as soon as the man of the hour walked onstage, the crowd went insane! The host even commented “Damn, ya’ll love some Bobby!” Bobby happened to walk past me, as I patted his arm and yelled a final ‘Good luck!’ to him. He was his usual British, quirky, shy self, and the crowd loved it. But as soon as his eyes closed and he started to sing, all his anxiousness disappeared. It was just a man and his guitar, singing from his soul to anyone who will listen. His music comes across honest and very organic, and had everyone in the room totally captivated. He sang 6 songs – 1 coming as a complete surprise to whom he dedicated to “a woman he met in a restaurant, that was meant to be a joke”.

After his set, he retired to the VIP section, doing press and taking photos. Afterward, there was a small meet and greet where Bobby met and chatted with fans, signed merch, and took photos for EVERYONE who waited. He was gracious and humble and quite charming.

But that was just a tease compared to:

Bobby Long, Night #2-

This show brings us to Arlene’s Grocery, which is admittedly, Bobby’s favorite venue to play at. He certainly did not disappoint! It was the best I’ve ever heard him sound! His playing has also excelled. He was unafraid to try new things, both vocally and musically. He also talked a lot more, and interacted with the audience.

The part that always makes me laugh, and even made Bobby laugh, is on “Dead and Done” when he sings “Johnny Cash came round and we split a beer…” everyone always cheers! It’s very funny, because he has to keep singing and he starts smiling every single time! Ha!

The hour long show was followed by the usual meet and greet. He stayed until each and every fan who was on line got a photo with him. Talk about dedication!

For photos from these shows, check out:

Kings of Leon-

Caleb tunes his guitar for the next song

So about a week ago I managed to score a free fan pass to see the Kings of Leon perform on the Today show. The fan pass just allows you a closer viewing spot, but the show itself is free. I left my house at about 1:45am and got there around 3:30am. There were only 7 people on the fan pass line at that time, so I was happy! We entered the stage area at about 5:30am and got to see KOL warm up and soundcheck. They sounded amazing live! Caleb’s voice is just ungodly good! I was mesmerized by it! The show continued on, with them performing 3 songs total- “Use Somebody”, “Notion” and “Sex on Fire”. It was a great experience! Probably the only time I will ever get front row to see KOL, I’m so glad that I decided to go!

For more KOL, visit There is a video and a few pictures that I took. For the whole set of photos, visit:

Mutemath Mobile Listening Party-


After I changed my clothes, I headed out to Jersey City, NJ for the Mutemath Mobile Listening Party, or MMLP for short, for their new album “Armistice”. Of all the luck in the world, nothing could have prepared me for Paul Meany being on our bus!! If you don’t know, Paul is the lead singer/songwriter/keys for the band. Genuinely down to earth, funny, intelligent and engaging. I was very impressed with him. One interesting interaction with him- when he asked “What song would you be disappointed not to see on tour?” and I replied “Stall Out”.  His reply- “Stall Out?? REALLY?” He sounded genuinely surprised, as if that song was the one that nobody ever chose. I reveled in his reaction, because everyone else’s choices got the headnod, and the “Ok” or “Right” or “Yes”. (grins) I wanted to ask him why was he shocked to hear that mentioned, but I just settled for “Of course, it’s my favorite.” Anyway, we were armed with a pen and a clipboard to record our thoughts on the various songs of the album. Not surprisingly, the space they gave me for my thoughts was far too little. The album provoked so many images and emotions, I couldn’t contain the thoughts rolling around in my head. It was heartbreaking, whimsical, funky, explosive, experimental, gritty, and overall a complete sonic journey.

Needless to say, this album blew me away. I was literally tearing up on one song, although I cannot remember which it was! There were so many beautiful points in this album that it’s hard to decipher when the feeling was evoked. But I’ve said it numerous times- the sign of a great album is when it causes me to FEEL something when I listen to it. No, not just nod my head, tap my foot, or spew out a lyric or two, but really FEEL the emotions that the songwriter and musicians were feeling at the time they conceived it. And this album does it for me. Mutemath has always done that for me. And it’s why they will and most likely will always be my favorite band. Period. I highly suggest you all check out “Armistice” on August 18th. You will not be disappointed. Also, check out their tourdates on Best live show I’ve ever seen in my life, seriously.

The MMLP was a fantastic experience that I wouldn’t hesitate to do again. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in putting it together. And, special thanks to Paul for agreeing to take a photo with me:

Me and Paul Meany at the MMLP

Me and Paul Meany at the MMLP

So yes, that’s all folks! But have no fear… I will have lots more to report- Friday and Saturday are the Sam Bradley shows at Joe’s Pub. I’m sure there will be lots to talk about after those.

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