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Day 5: Derp Derp in London

Ok so this morning, we totally overslept. I’m talking after 12pm. Meghan still had leftovers from the Thai we ate the previous night, but I didn’t, so I decided to walk down to the fish and chip shop in town. I got the cod and chips, and by the power of magic he produced this, sprinkled with sea salt and malt vinegar in like 2 seconds. Hot, crispy, delicious. Then I headed over to Tesco to get some water and some more snacks! This time I got different bags of crisps: Wotsits, Doritos, and Thai Sweet Chili. Haven’t tried them yet, but I will let you all know how it goes.

Back at the pad, stuffing the fish and chips in my mouth, or at least as much of it that could fit comfortable, perusing Twitter, we found out that Walk the Moon have two more shows in London, today and tomorrow. Without nothing else on our agenda, we decided to check out today’s show in Kings Cross.but beforehand, we decided to catch a movie at Leicester Square.

We saw Water for Elephants! Ha! No, i kid. Really, we saw Limitless… A movie I’ve wanted to see forever now, but just now getting around to it. First off, what’s all this sweet popcorn business? Who knew that was so popular? Secondly, I ordered salty popcorn. I get the popcorn and I peer around the theater looking for it in earnest….


Do you all not believe in buttered popcorn? Wait, that’s blasphemy… But seriously,how can you Londoners eat dry ass popcorn? I was so baffled by this.

So toting my dry ass popcorn and slushie, we made our way into the theater. You could easily tell we were the only Americans in the place for the simple fact that Meghan and I totally laughed at the American humor on the previews. Mind you her laugh can alert the masses anyway (read: loud).

The movie in itself was good! Very good actually. I wish something like that existed in real life… Even though it might kill me, it’s worth it, lol.

After the movie, we headed to Kings Cross, but we were both famished, so decided to stop at the little pub before heading to the venue.

Here’s what happened. We get there at 7:30, there are supposed to be 2 opening bands, so we took our time and ate slowly. At 9pm we walk (ACROSS THE STREET) to the venue, and guess what… We see them packing up the van. WE MISSED THE ENTIRE GIG! I could have spat fire I was so disgruntled,lol. We chatted up some folks outside just to make sure we really botched this terribly, and yes, indeed we did miss the show because we were eating across the street.


So instead of new pics of Walk the Moon, I’ll just insert these pics from the last time I saw them, so you guys can just squint really hard and pretend they were taken in a London pub.

Thankfully there is another gig tomorrow, and we will not miss it. I will not leave London without a painted face.

Plus, tomorrow is Meghan’s birthday 🙂 Victory shall be ours!

Til tomorrow,


The Top 10 Live Performances of 2009

So, it’s finally Christmas, and what better gift that my picks for the top shows I’ve seen this year. I’ve been to quite a lot of shows considering I’ve been out of work and I figured what better what to stay stress-free than to go to live shows. Music is a passion of mine, and even though I can’t play or sing, I thoroughly enjoy a great show. BTW, I’m working on the playing thing – just got an acoustic guitar thanks to my lovely brother. THANKS DEV!! Without further ado….

Performances: Any artist/band single song performance during 1 song. Artist/band can be listed several times.

10. Joshua Radin – “No Envy No Fear” at Webster Hall, NYC
When I went to see Joshua Radin, I wasn’t expecting him to really belt out a tune like this since he’s known for his “whisper-rock”, but he really impressed. Such an impressive set of pipes on this guy.

9. Sam Bradley – “Fucking Lights” at Webster Hall, NYC
I had previously seen Sam live at Joe’s Pub, but it was without a band. This time he had his band with him and put on the most energetic, rambunctious and lively performances I’ve ever seen him do. So much fun! *NOTE*- Video clip is not from NYC, sorry! But the song is always awesome wherever he performs it, so enjoy!

8. Bobby Long – “Two Tone Lover” at Mercury Lounge, NYC [On Tour Soon Overseas]
I admit, this song was ok for me, not my favorite and not terrible by any means, but when he sang this the other night, he really breathed new life into it. I’ve heard a lot of versions of this song, and this was hands down, the best one he’s ever done.

7. Marcus Foster – “Bus Song” at Mercury Lounge, NYC [On Tour Soon Overseas]
I think I briefly watched Marcus sing this song via YouTube videos a few times, but it hadn’t really clicked with me until I heard him sing it live. The video really doesn’t do it justice. Such a gorgeous song!

6. Mayer Hawthorne – “Green Eyed Love” at Brooklyn Bowl, BK,NY [Performing with John Mayer Trio in Las Vegas, NV- New Years Eve]
Now, when I first met Mayer Hawthorne, bka DJ Haircut, he was a DJ and Producer. I had no idea the man could sing and play a plethora of instruments that would put people to shame. He made an incredible album in 2009, full of the most soulful tracks I’ve heard this year, and embarked on a full blown tour in support. I caught him perform in Brooklyn, and I was awed that this was the same guy I met so long ago in Los Angeles. He became a superstar overnight. Such stage presence and charisma. Truly great performer. You should see him when you have the chance. And this song in particular had the ladies eating out of his hand. Believe me, it’s a lot more sexy in person. LOL *NOTE* Video clip is not from NYC, but please enjoy!

5. Marcus Foster – “Kiss is a Knife” at  Arlene’s Grocery, NYC [On Tour Soon Overseas]
Now, this was the 1st time Marcus was in NYC touring, and when he whipped out this song, I knew I’d be in for a treat. Everyone enjoys when he performs this song! Always a good time, and he throws his whole self into it. You’ll see what I mean.

4. Kings of Leon – “Trani” at Nassau Coliseum, NY
So I trekked all the way to Long Island just so I could see these guys play and I was not disappointed. I remembered this song in particular being the one that blew me away that night. Caleb has an incredible voice on him, I was just awed. Not much else to say about it.. Just watch!

3. John Mayer – “Edge of Desire” at Music Hall of Williamsburg, BK,NY [Currently On Tour]
When I first heard John’s newest album “Battle Studies” I knew that this would end up being my favorite on the album. Never did I expect him to play it live, and at a random free show brought to you by Myspace either! I don’t think he even planned it to be honest, the mood just hit him and he decided to bring it out of hiding.. When he released this as an acoustic solo weeks later at a thank you to fans, he did it on an acoustic guitar. I’m not sure if we will ever get this version again, so enjoy. (Sorry about the sound, and whoever was singing… everyone was singing at that point, and it was impossible not to record it.. 🙂

2. Bobby Long – “Penance Fire Blues/ In My Time of Dyin’/Hoochie Coochie Man” at The Bitter End, NYC [On Tour Soon in Overseas]
I had heard tales of Bobby singing these songs in a medley like this in other cities across the country, but when he did it live, it was a sight to see. Grown women were yelping and hooting for him like they didn’t have boyfriends and husbands at home! Bobby could have told every woman in that place to strip naked and give him $20 and they gladly would. That’s the kind of control  he had over the audience when he sang these songs. Bobby does the blues exceptionally well, and this particular performance cemented that fact into my brain forever.

1. MUTEMATH – “Burden” at Nokia Theater, NYC
Before this I had only seen MUTEMATH one time and just from that one show alone, it cemented them as my favorite band of all time. Their music is phenomenal, but their live show…. completely otherworldly. I’ve never seen a live show quite like this and I highly doubt anyone would be able to top it. Point blank period. You see Darren on drums in the back.. Favorite drummer ever. And FML, Paul is playing a goddamned keytar! When’s the last time you’ve seen one of those onstage?? If I could relive one show, it would be this show. EPIC! I urge everyone to go see them on tour when they go back out again, I really cannot stress this enough. Once again, the video/sound here does not do it justice, but please believe by the time this song was playing, I was a hot sweaty mess and completely spent from jumping around so much.

So folks, that’s all… It’s been an great year for live shows for me, and these people have cranked out some of the best performances this year. Of course, I’m just one opinion out of many, but before you form your own opinion, you should check them out live.


The Reason Why MUTEMATH Will Always Be My “Favorite Band Ever”

So after 2 long years of waiting, MUTEMATH decided to have another tour and it was definitely not going to be missed by me! I opted for the VIP Package, and ohhhhh boyyyyy was it money well spent. Big thanks to MUTEMATH and everyone over at Teleprompt for such an amazing VIP experience. Seriously, this was the best band/fan relations I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

That said… onto the show.

As Tall As Lions

So when I found out that MUTEMATH would be returning to NYC, i decided to check out the opening band, As Tall As Lions. Turns out they are NY natives, and their music was another welcome refreshment for my ears. I enjoyed this band way more than the opening band that MUTEMATH picked for their last show here, Eisley. As Tall As Lions seemed a better fit with the energy that MUTEMATH emits when onstage. I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with the band as a whole!

ATAL1They did only 6 songs, which included my all time favorite, “Ghost of York”. Not too many people knew who they were, but by the end of the set, people were cheering and clapping along for them. I’m sure they made quite a few fans tonight. The lead singer has an incredible voice and range, I was impressed with them. Also, the two in the back took turns playing those keyboards, trumpet, and various other instruments. Highly entertaining. I’d pay to see them again, without a doubt.


Like I said.. 2 long years of waiting and they day had finally come when MUTEMATH was back in town. My adrenaline was coursing so high I had a slight headache from all the anticipation. I felt as if i would burst into tears or break into hysterical laughter at any moment. And this was all before they even came onstage! When I heard the first few notes of “The Nerve” I knew this would be a night I wouldn’t soon forget.

paulmeany1The crowd was quickly energized and transformed into a hurtling mass of bodies all bobbing up and down to the beat, myself included. This was what I’d missed. The reckless abandon of all care for your own person, and just letting the music guide your movement. MUTEMATH has always been that band for me, where I could just say “fuckitall” and rock out like nobody’s business. Their energy is infectious!

Their setlist was peppered with songs from their newest album, “Armistice” of course, while bringing back some crowd favorites like “You Are Mine”, “Noticed” and “Reset” from their self-titled disc. They even managed to squeeze in “Peculiar People” from their first EP! And yes, I knew the words to all of the songs they played. When I say i’m a huge MM fan, I mean it. I’ve listened to their albums repeatedly over the years and most recently “Armistice” for weeks, just trying to mentally prepare myself for everything I had witnessed tonight.

mm1Can I take a moment and talk about how insane Darren King is? Seriously, is he from another planet? Injected with some experimental drugs? Because how in the bloody hell does he play like he does? I’ve not seen nor heard a drummer that’s impressed me that much in so long! Darren has been my favorite drummer ever since I found out about MUTEMATH, and when you see him in action you really appreciate how talented he really is.

Exhibit A: The Duct-Taped Headphones

darrenducttapeI mean, seriously. He knows he is gonna be drumming harder than any man known to beat a drum, hence the duct tape. Notice the sweat? Yea, that was after like 2 songs. By the end of the show, it looks like he’d just threw himself into the nearest pool, got out and sat down to play. I’m not even kidding. He was so sopped with sweat, he was nice enough to put his blazer on before crowdsurfing so we didn’t get his sweat all over us. What a stand up guy.

Exhibit B- The Cymbal

darrencymbal1Do you see this? There were like 4 spare drumsticks out in the audience at this time, and he let whoever got one play with him. I was awed. Not only because I wish it were me who got a drumstick, but because he made sure those people actually stayed on beat and kept time with him.

I can’t even show you the craziness of the bass drum being held by the crowd, with him standing on top, then he takes a swan dive BACKWARDS off of it, is caught by the crowd and crowdsurfs back to the stage. Sorry, my camera died from all the awesomeness that previously happened.

So can I talk about the super awesomeness of Paul Meany now? Can the man have any more energy? Let me tell you, I saw him before the show at the VIP Reception and he is so laid back and calm. Put him onstage and you get instant Red Bullâ„¢ action. I can’t even begin to explain how he does it.

Exhibit A- Let The Crowd Sing

paulcrowd1Do you understand that one minute he was onstage, dancing and clapping and the next minute he was right next to me in the crowd? I swear it was like I blinked and he was right there! It’s almost like he teleported himself there. I don’t understand how he was able to propel himself + mic stand that far, that quick. LOL

I so wish I could have shown you the frontflips he was doing over his keyboard near the end. Yea, my camera had already died from the awesomeness like I said. *sigh*

Roy is a damned bass playing monster! He played the hell outta that thing!! LOVED IT!!! Greg was awesome on guitar as well. He even got on drums a bit! I didn’t know he had it in him!!

So yeah. This show basically owns my whole life,LOL. Absolutely, hands down best show I’ve seen EVER! EVER! I really don’t care what background you’re from, what music you like… you have got to go see this band next time they come to your town. Even if they don’t come to your town, make the drive to see them. There is a damn good reason why they were named “#1 Band You Need To See Live Before You Die” by Alternative Press. I certainly would have been ok with death after this show.

I swear afterward I just walked around completely amazed. I just kept shaking my head because I couldn’t even believe it! I still can’t believe it! I’m so physically exhausted right now from all the exertion tonight, yet I can’t seem to go to bed because I’m so wired from it! I guess you can classify this under the “Good Tiredness” category right alongside sex. LOL

I must say though, the song of the night for me was “Burden”. Every time he gets to that part where he keeps saying “i just can’t hold it together, i just can’t hold it together…” it does something to me. I remember Paul asking me at the listening party which one was my favorite and I instantly said “Burden”. I knew that song was something special, and boy was I right! Hearing it done live was even more breathtakingly mindblowing.

Sheesh, I could probably talk about this all day… err.. night? I suppose it’s technically morning now, since it’s 4:10am already.

I only hope they go on tour again sometime soon, because every other show will now pale in comparison to this one, and I still haven’t caught a Darren drumstick yet, lol. I did manage to snag Roy’s pick from a lovely woman who was kind enough to give it to me. I think she saw my face after I pleaded for something from the stage and had pity on me. LOL

Why do I want to keep writing! LOL I feel prematurely sad for anyone who talks to me in the next few days. The Gospel of MUTEMATH shall be preached.

BTW- the full set of pics will be up on my Picasa acct at: once the desktop uploader gets its act together. Can you believe I took 481 photos tonight?

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