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Day 8 in Brighton, then HOME.

Hey guys,

So this will be a recap of what happened on Day 8 in Brighton, UK and then an overall wrap-up.

Day 8 found Meghan and I waking up at our usual vacation time, 12ish. It was a Friday, and you know what day that was… Bon Iver tickets onsale at 11am EST for United Palace Theater. Unfortunately, 11am EST was also 4pm UK time, so Meghan was nice enough to indulge my fannery (not a word, but i’m keeping it) and lounge around til 4. We both managed to get dressed so we could leave directly after I got the tix, which by the way, general admission sold out in minutes, but not before I snagged a decent floor seat. YES! So that brings my total to 3 Bon Iver shows this summer – 1 in Wisconsin, which is the holy grail for the following reasons: he’s from Wisconsin so you know he’s gonna perform like nobodies business, CHEESE, and I will also be meeting up with Meghan once again!! The others are both here in New York.

Wait a minute, this is not a Bon Iver blog dammit. Sorry… carrying on.

After we left, we meandered, no, we moseyed to the tube station. Far away in Brighton lay the proverbial cherry on top of our vacation, a Sofar Sounds gig. Sofar Sounds, or Songs From A Room is a series of global pop up gigs happening in peoples living rooms. (more on this later).

We had to switch to a railway to take us down to Brighton from London. About an hour later, we arrived.

1st thing: IT WAS COLD!

Geographically we saw it was near the coast. I wore as many layers as I could without looking like the Michelin Man, but Meghan was winging it in her cardigan…. tsk! We were both famished by the time we got there, so we stopped at this little stand that sells these things called Pasty’s. To me, they look like huge empanadas or beef patties, but these had a multitude of different fillings. I chose the “Meat Exravaganza” (which is totally not something I would normally do because the lady behind the counter had no idea what was in it) and Meghan got the Bacon and Cheese. NOM.

Despite the ominousness name, mine was delicious. Definitely chock full of sausage and molten hot cheese and tomato sauce. I had to do the fast huff puff so I didn’t burn the beejeezus out of my mouth.


A short cab ride over to the “secret location”. We were really early,so we found a pub down the block from our final destination. At this point we were desperate to rid ourselves of this blasted UK coin money so we got some drinks. I still couldn’t manage to count mine fast enough without the bartender looking at me like I was mental, so out came the paper poundage. That was such a FAIL, but I had it with those stupid coins.

Finally, we decided it was late enough to head over and not look lamely early so off we went. As we entered, we heard someone behind a door singing. Immediately my eyes went wide. I said “That sounds like Jack Savoretti”. I didn’t know if that was the room we were supposed to be in or not, so I didn’t knock. We walked a little more in and then we yelled out some “HELLO’s”.  A voice from downstairs welcomed us, so we descended. Immediately I see a blond haired guy with such a friendly face. He said we weren’t too early (thank goodness). Moving further into the room I come across Passion Ate Dave, or Dave Alexander, and Rocky Start – 2 of the founders of Sofar Sounds. I just recently saw Rocky at the last NY gig, so  I hugged him enthusiastically. I hadn’t seen Dave since the 1st NY gig, so I waved a hello to him, and decided it was best to get out of their way as they were still setting up.

Meghan held down a little couch in the corner, so I stood by and watched the space fill up. There was also a little patio area that people would mingle in as well. While we were down there, a band called Trophy Wife was rehearsing. From what they were playing, I knew they would be fantastic.

Talking more amongst ourselves, all of a sudden I look up and there’s Matt Hope! Matt does most of the tweeting and social networking for Sofar Sounds. I swear the look of pure joy on his face made me so happy. We hugged and he exclaimed how happy he was to finally meet us.

Nearing the start of the gig, I moved closer to the “stage area” so I could get some photos, leaving Meg near the couch. I didn’t anticipate what angle the performers would face, so this was not a good idea,lol. Aside from that, Trophy Wife went on 1st and they were just as good as I knew they would be:

Sofarsounds - Brighton

Sofarsounds - Brighton

So after that, the next performer was up… none other than Jack Savoretti. (I’ve got some stellar voice recognition, don’t I?). He tore the place down, as I expected. This was Meg’s 1st experience with him, and she was impressed as well.

Sofarsounds - Brighton

Sofarsounds - Brighton

And then after that was a lovely group from Paris called We Were Evergreen. So whimsical! I loved the odd little piano they used too 🙂

Sofarsounds - Brighton

And finally, it was Passion Ate Dave’s turn to perform:

Sofarsounds - Brighton

Sofarsounds - Brighton

There were 2 more performers, but the last train back to London departed at 11pm so sadly we had to leave early. Sofar was the perfect end to a perfect vacation as we packed up for our early morning flights. Meghan and I were departing from different terminals so a short goodbye hug in the tube ended our pairing. All I can say is that thank goodness we decided to go together!!

Which brings me to the wrap-up. I am not sure why traveling abroad was something that I always felt was so unobtainable. Maybe monetarily, yes.. (thank goodness for fair tax returns). I guess for me this trip represented a turning point. For me to just decide to go to London and actually follow through – buying the passport, booking the tickets, etc, is a STEP for me. I am the biggest procrastinator about certain things, and doing things for myself is something that I struggle with, not sure why.

Aside from that, during my time in London I kept feeling like “is this really my life”? Because I just couldn’t believe where I was. I am the 1st of my entire family to travel abroad.This trip represents a step in the direction that I intend on going. No, not moving to London. But wanting something, and following through on it to make it happen. I don’t want to go places or do things and feel like it shouldn’t be happening because it isn’t how my life usually pans out. I kind of felt a little out of place, like sure this is nice, but this isn’t MINE… if that makes sense. I know the lay of the land and the lay of my life in NY, but London was a complete clean slate. I felt confident and self assured, but only because I was thinking…. this isn’t really my life.

The next time I go back to London, I want it to feel like I’m supposed to be there, if you know what I mean. 2011 has been huge by way of changes, and I believe that I’m finally starting to get it all figured out. FINALLY.

So on that note, thanks to everyone who took the London ride with me… let’s do it again sometime 🙂

I don’t know how often I will update this because my day to day is not nearly as eventful as this vacation was, but we’ll see.

Til next time,


PS – For more info on Sofar Sounds and how you can be a part of it, visit Also, if you would like to support the movement, visit


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