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Day 6: Farms and Facepaint in London

Today. Such a conglomeration of happenstance. I don’t even know how or why it came together, but it did.

A simple tweet alerting us of a Marcus Foster performance, a few more tweets later we got confirmation of where and when. Then… Walk the Moon was already on the agenda. Was turning out to be quite the day, lemme tell ya.

First, we lounged around til about 3 and then finally got up and headed to Hoxton. The farm was in the area, so we decided to grab some food nearby. We ran into this small little cafe, which coincidentally is a recording studio. There were pics of artists up on the walls to prove the point. Meghan and I both got the eggs florentine, and for the first time eating that, it was super delicious! Then we sat talking for hours and finally ended our brunch with some slices of chocolate cake, in honor of Meghan’s birthday of course.

Strolling a little bit down the way, we managed the find the farm where Marcus and Chris were to perform. Just one problem…. It was invite only. *cue horror music*

Meghan explained how Chris said we could come down, and they finally let us in, thank goodness. It wasn’t packed at first, but it did quickly fill up eventually. Free booze, and free food nonetheless, lol. We relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere and appetizers until it was time for Marcus to sing.

We made our way into the little barn like area, and lo and behold…. A cozy couch for us to sit on and watch. Odd thing is, the total number of people that actually came into the barn to watch the show was only 12. 12 people! So odd. I guess the wanted their free booze more than a gig… More for us then, because it was like a private party! Woo!

They did only 5 songs, but hey, after 2 years, that was more than enough to make it worth my while.

  1. I Don’t Mind
  2. Shadows of the City
  3. Don’t Need to Lose You To Know
  4. Tumble Down
  5. Kiss is a Knife

I recorded 2 of the 5, but the files are too large to upload now. Will have to do it when I get back home 🙂

Those guys certainly make a great team, and so happy to see Chris playing a cajon! Thats an instrument that needs way more love.

After the show, Meg and I chatted with them a bit, but we had to be on our merry way to see Walk The Moon!

Finally making it to the venue, there was about and hours wait until the got on. I had to partake in some facepaint. Sadly it was so hot in there, Meg declined… Maybe next time?

Finally the boys got on! The crowd is nowhere near as energetic as the last time I saw WTM in Brooklyn, but still a fun time. My favorites are Quesadilla,I Can Lift A Car and Anna Sun, of course.

Kevin Jones and Ben Lovett even showed up to the gig. I wonder if Ben already knew about them from Communion NY or if they are gaining a following in London… Ah well.

Afterward, Meg talked to Kevin, and mentioned Bushstock, and the exclamation of remorse for it getting rescheduled was instant, lol. Considering everything that has happened in place of it, I am not mad about anything at this point!

So now, sitting here in my facepaint, blogging. With the feeling that I don’t wanna wash it off, lol.

What a day.

Who the hell knows what tomorrow will bring.

Til then,
– L


Day 4: Boot Stomping in London

So this morning we decided to head over to Knightsbridge to check out Harrods. It really is like a huge huge Macy’s. Neither of us purchased anything and we had hours to kill before the Mumford & Sons gig, so we went across the street to this restaurant where we sat outside and had tea, scones, clotted cream and jelly. Absolutely delicious. Must find a way to get this again when I’m back home.

And here’s Meg, drinking her coke and eating scones, while I had the tea 🙂

Anyway, after some hours of sitting and talking we got on the tube to Wimbeldon, to the New Wimbeldon Theatre to see Mumford & Sons. Matthew & the Atlas opened for them. I would have loved to see more banter from Matthew & the Atlas, but I did enjoy his voice, very unique. I will be sure to listen to more of their stuff. The venue was gorgeous too…

Meg and I tried to stand on the side near the railing but the usher sent us back to our seats immediately when the show began.
Anyway…. After some preliminary announcements and hoopla, it was time…. 1st person to come out:



And finally…

The crowd was energetic and eager to participate. Everyone stood up. Everyone clapped. Everyone danced. Everyone cheered. Old and young alike.., it was pretty spectacular. But when a moment of silence was asked for, this happened, and it was lovely:

Meg and I looked at each other like “OMG.” It was so silent you could hear a pin drop, I was very impressed that the silence lasted the entire song.

They also played another one of my favorites:

I love a multi talented man! Seeing Marcus on drums is invigorating, I was again… Impressed.

Overall I thought it was one of the best gigs I’ve been to in recent history. Winnie humped his banjo as usual, Ben smiled the entire time and whipped his hair back and forth, Ted was Ted, and Marcus left his heart and soul out onstage. It was inspiring and possibly one of the best nights of my life. Can’t wait to see them again.

Tomorrow would have been Paris, but since someone at the Eurostar website is smoking crack and trying to charge £400 roundtrip, Paris will have to wait. At least until I make my millions or the sugar daddy comes along, whichever is 1st.

So, more days in London, which I’m not sad about. Maybe some art… Maybe some sightseeing, maybe some more beer? Ok definitely more beer. Lol.

Til then,


Day 3: Touristy in London

Another day of sightseeing under our belts. Went to Tower of London and saw the castle. The tour guide was a complete riot. Got some video of him that I will post later 🙂 For now, some photos:

The castle even had a moat. It was full of grass by now, but I thought it was cool. Turns out this was the place were Anne Boelyn is buried as well…. And everyone knows how much I loved The Other Boelyn girl, lol.

We also went into the chapel, and saw the Crown Jewels as well, but we were not allowed to take photos. Talk about bling that would but these rappers to shame! So ornately beautiful.

We did walk around the grounds a bit and saw this:

And this:

Man those crows are huge! I didn’t realize how big they are until I saw them next to a pigeon… Holy crap. Lol.

After a while, we went up into one of the towers and saw some graffiti:

And I peeked out of where the archers would have been while protecting the castle:

After that Meghan took a lil tiger snooze on a bench…. Not really. But she did take a break on a bench while I went into another tower to see the armor and weapons.

And this was my face after coming out:

Slightly unenthused… You know why? Because this man inside who was old enough to be my dad hit on me. In London! My plague has followed me across the pond. Seriously? Does my face just scream for only old men to come talk to me? Agh I give up! Lol.

After that we were ready to go home. Stopping for another Magnum ice cream…. Nom… We walked to the tube station. Planning on going out to a nearby pub in Kennington. There are so many line cancellations we thought it would be safer to stay local.

Not holding my breath for any hot guys to come up to me…lol. Such a fail.

Til next time,


Day 2: Clumsy in London

I don’t know what it is, but so far Meghan and I have tripped and fallen twice and I nearly twisted my ankle 2 times. Is it the London air? I’m never this clumsy. I think the fates are conspiring against me to look as uncool as possible so I don’t attract any hot guys. FML.

Anyhow, today sightseeing! Oxford Street was like a posh LA I suppose. This is also where I fell mind you. In the middle of a crowd. So suave? Lol.

No I didn’t buy anything… Gotta save for more food and record stores aghhh! Speaking of food, Meg and I saw this little street vendor place where I got these:

Those are my Justin Vernon shades…lol. Long story. We then stopped at an italian restaurant. I got shrimp spaghetti, Meghan, a salad. We both got dessert: tiramisu for her, Chocolate mousse for me. All delicious! I haven’t had one bad meal since I got here.

More sightseeing.. Piccadilly Circus, and Trafalgar Square 🙂

Yea I know there’s dust on my lens, forgot to clean it before it left. But there was a “free hugs” guy in Trafalgar Square! Had to partake in that 😉

Then onto Westminster Abbey and The Eye. Big Ben… Yeah! We totally stuck around to hear the “bongs” too. Haha.

Now mind you they sell those “Magnum” ice cream bars all over the place here. So far I’ve had 2. I plan on having more. So decadently delicious. Hope they sell them around my house when I return because I don’t think I could live without them at this point.

So right now we are relaxing for a bit before heading out to a pub that Chris suggested, and hopefully catch some music.

Til next time…


The Brits Brought It Home…

One last time that is… and by home, I mean my home, NYC.

Friday, December 18th was a night I’ve been waiting for for months! The return of the incomparable Marcus Foster to the States. Last time I raved and ranted about how amazing he was, but.. if it’s even possible, he surpassed that. He was funny, endearing and so talented I just wanted to run up and hug him, seriously! This man is my favorite out of the 3, of course Bobby Long and Sam Bradley being the other two. Something about Marcus makes me feel as if I’m witnessing something monumental each time he strums his guitar and opens his mouth.

marcus foste

But that’s also what is so amazing about Marcus. Although you feel as if you’re witnessing something monumental, you also get the feeling that this man has yet to truly show us everything that he’s capable of. Like he’s on Level 6, a damn good Level 6 to be honest, astoundingly good actually. I’m so curious to see what Level 10 will bring out of him. Like who the hell knew he could play piano like he does? I didn’t find out until he returned and did his first few shows over on the West Coast. Makes me wonder what else he can play. Knowing him, he’s probably one of those guys that can just pick up an instrument in a few hours.

Yes, I know. I look overjoyed don’t I?? LOL. I dunno what it is about Marcus, that man makes everyone happy as all hell. I can’t even explain it!

Enough about that, back to the show. Like I said, he brought out his piano skills for “Demons”, which was stunning BTW, and we begged and pleaded for another song, which he obliged us with “WayWayWay” on the keys as well. Throwing in Merry Christmas wishes and “It’s my birthday” plugs of his own, it was one of the most entertaining and lively songs of the night!  He of course made his way through crowd faves such as “I Don’t Mind” and “Tumble Down”, which was one of the most requested of the night – and also one of my top songs of 2009. 🙂 But, I was completely unprepared for the magic of a song simply titled “Bus Song”, because he wrote it on a Greyhound bus. The melody was gorgeous, the lyrics captivating and the way he sang it brought tears to my eyes. No joke, actual tears. I had said in the weeks before the show that he might make me cry and that was the song that did it. I got all misty because it was just soooooo beautiful. It’s like every song he writes is more heartbreakingly beautiful than the last. He’s a brilliant songwriter and musician, dare I say the best I’ve come across in a while.

I remember after the show was over, standing outside with him and his friends, they were casually chatting, as was I with my friends, and I glanced over at him – he looked so happy and carefree. Like a man who was finally getting everything they had ever wanted. He’s so on his way, and I couldn’t be prouder to have witnessed that moment.

Speaking of a man getting everything they ever wanted… Bobby Long was in town the next night to cast his spell on NYC. Apparently part of his spell also included a full blown blizzard, which he admitted he was happy about because he loves snow! LOL.


I must say, without a doubt, this was the best Bobby Long show I’ve ever seen to date. I’ve talked to a few people at the show and they all agreed that he seemed to play each song so deliberately, and with so much emotion and feeling that it was like I was hearing them for the 1st time. And being that this was my 11th show, that’s saying a lot. He launched into what I would say is the most beautiful version of “Two Tone Lover” I had ever heard in my life. I was completely captivated by him in that moment, and so was the audience, he silenced the room with the beauty of his playing and singing. It was a moment I won’t ever forget.


Another thing that Bobby does exceptionally well is tell stories. Insanely funny stories to be exact. One about how a naked woman threw themselves at him and how it wasn’t a joyful experience for him at all. Also, another story about why he couldn’t unbutton his top button because it’s his “chastity button”. Both tales had the crowd erupting into raucous laughter. Even Bobby couldn’t maintain his composure and let out a few chuckles. Throughout this tour, I’ve seen Bobby become more at ease on stage and the elaborateness of his stories now is a telltale sign of just how comfortable he’s gotten.

Although they won’t be back for a while – Bobby in March of 2010 and Marcus in Late June/Early July, they have left us with a plethora of music to tide us over. Expect a full length studio album from Bobby and some new compositions from Marcus as well. Also, a full length album from Sam! 2010 is going to bring so much more for this talented group of Brits, I just can’t wait to see what it is! 🙂

For more information on Bobby, Marcus and Sam, visit:

For full photosets, visit


Oi Bobbeh!!!

Bobby Long came from London to NYC and shared his music with us, and I couldn’t have been more grateful! You see, I have a wide range of musical tastes and he is definitely rubbing my folk/blues/country bone the right way. I admit i found out about Bobby from Rob Pattinson’s song “Let Me Sign” on the Twilight soundtrack, but Bobby can indeed hold his own.

I caught Bobby on both nights of his shows here in NYC; the 1st being at “Lakeview Lounge” – a teeny, tiny dive bar located on the Lower East Side. Sort of that hole in the wall place that kind of smells like your mom’s basement but has super cheap beer so it doesn’t even matter after a few, lol. When I tell you it was standing room only, it was standing room only. Me being smart enough to plan beforehand, i made my way up to the stage and stood there for the whole 3 hrs it took Bobby to take the stage. Yes, dedication. After 1 beer, countless hours, fan girls sqeeing in my ear and one nearly vomiting on me, here are the fruits of my labor: – video that i streamed live from the show 🙂

Bobby Long - Lakeview Lounge, NYC

Bobby Long - Lakeview Lounge, NYC

Click here for the rest of the photos from night 1

Onto night 2… Which i really wasn’t planning on going to, but i said if the “B” train comes, then it’s meant for me to go to this show, and lo and behold it came right then. This show was held at “Arlene’s Grocery” – an actual supermarket that was converted long ago into a club. This venue was far larger than the previous night, with a lot less drama. It didn’t seem as intimate though, and although he was still playful, he was a bit less than the previous night. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed both sets!!

You want video? You got video…

For the rest of the videos, click here!! (4 total)

and you know i got tons of pics…

Bobby Long - Arlenes Grocery, NYC

Bobby Long - Arlene's Grocery, NYC

For the rest of those pics, click here!!

See now, i’m not usually really enthusiastic about too many artists these days, but this is a newcomer that deserves my praise. I was blown away, literally. He sings with passion and emotion and it’s very refreshing to see someone so young (22) be that serious about his music in this day and age.

Check him out on Facebook and Myspace, I urge you, everyone!!!

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