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Day 4: Boot Stomping in London

So this morning we decided to head over to Knightsbridge to check out Harrods. It really is like a huge huge Macy’s. Neither of us purchased anything and we had hours to kill before the Mumford & Sons gig, so we went across the street to this restaurant where we sat outside and had tea, scones, clotted cream and jelly. Absolutely delicious. Must find a way to get this again when I’m back home.

And here’s Meg, drinking her coke and eating scones, while I had the tea 🙂

Anyway, after some hours of sitting and talking we got on the tube to Wimbeldon, to the New Wimbeldon Theatre to see Mumford & Sons. Matthew & the Atlas opened for them. I would have loved to see more banter from Matthew & the Atlas, but I did enjoy his voice, very unique. I will be sure to listen to more of their stuff. The venue was gorgeous too…

Meg and I tried to stand on the side near the railing but the usher sent us back to our seats immediately when the show began.
Anyway…. After some preliminary announcements and hoopla, it was time…. 1st person to come out:



And finally…

The crowd was energetic and eager to participate. Everyone stood up. Everyone clapped. Everyone danced. Everyone cheered. Old and young alike.., it was pretty spectacular. But when a moment of silence was asked for, this happened, and it was lovely:

Meg and I looked at each other like “OMG.” It was so silent you could hear a pin drop, I was very impressed that the silence lasted the entire song.

They also played another one of my favorites:

I love a multi talented man! Seeing Marcus on drums is invigorating, I was again… Impressed.

Overall I thought it was one of the best gigs I’ve been to in recent history. Winnie humped his banjo as usual, Ben smiled the entire time and whipped his hair back and forth, Ted was Ted, and Marcus left his heart and soul out onstage. It was inspiring and possibly one of the best nights of my life. Can’t wait to see them again.

Tomorrow would have been Paris, but since someone at the Eurostar website is smoking crack and trying to charge £400 roundtrip, Paris will have to wait. At least until I make my millions or the sugar daddy comes along, whichever is 1st.

So, more days in London, which I’m not sad about. Maybe some art… Maybe some sightseeing, maybe some more beer? Ok definitely more beer. Lol.

Til then,


…and we march on…

That’s what a very wise man said once, LOL. So where did I leave off last??? Ohhhhh right, yes.. my life taking a downward spiral. Yea, sorry I was having an emo day. I’m feeling much better now, thank you very much!

Still haven’t found work, but I’m keeping my eyes and ears open. Really trying to get a firm grasp on what I want to do with my life! Seriously, I’m one of those do-it-all types. I have so many interests that I fear if i settle on just one I will be bored to tears… This makes for quite a quandary. Ehhh.. guess I’ll mull over it later, with a beer of course. Cuz beer makes it better.

Hmm what else… oh right! The guy. Or should I type “THE GUY” cuz he’s that big of a deal,LOL. Eh, nothing happening. I think I’ve been mentally preparing myself to let it go because I can’t even fathom it. Really, it’s completely farfetched to imagine it… soooooo… marching along….

What else… yes! The Sam Bradley and Marcus Foster shows!

Sam Bradley played 2 shows here at Joe’s Pub, and the venue was just as  I remember. Insanely small, and they had the nerve to have dinner service! Standing room was only for about 25 people, no lie! We were all crammed next to the bar, while the wait staff shuffled by us with food. If i was smart I would have stolen some fries off some of those plates, right??

Anyway, yes Sam sang quite beautifully and was 10 times funnier than I imagined. Tall too! Dare I say more attractive in person as well?? Yep, he was thoroughly entertaining. Of course, my faves of the night were “Sea Blue”, “Too Far Gone” and a new song called “Wide Open”, which I did capture on film, but he threatened to break our kneecaps if we posted it on YouTube, so sorry folks, u won’t get it from me! (He didn’t really threaten us, but could you imagine? LOL) Yes, night 1 brought us a very chatty, comical and vocal Sam. Really.. he talked for at least 5 minutes in between each song. Thank goodness he’s not dry and boring.. (Bueller, Bueller??)

Anyway, night 2 brought us a far more subdued Sam. He was all about his music tonight, and I think it had something to do with his lack of rest, as I had asked him after the show and he did admit to being tired.

Now, onto Marcus. Let me mentally prepare myself to tell you about the greatness of this man. *clears throat*

He exceeded every expectation I had of him. It was to the point where I watched him in awe, mouth agape, camera hanging limply at my side. Just dumbfounded at how deliciously good he was. I can’t even put into words the awesomeness that man left on that stage this past weekend. Yes, it was that amazing!! GAH! Dare I say he was my favorite of the 3. (Sorry Bobby, I’ll always ❤ you! LOL) How can I explain… It’s like the music just explodes out of him. One minute he’s so shy you just want to hug him so tight and never let go, and the next minute he’s working the stage like a music legend. I’ve never seen anything like it!!

Yea, so if you ever have the chance to catch Marcus live, DO IT!! He is AMAZING!!!

Hmm, what else… the documentaries?? Still dead in the water.

I suppose that’s really all that’s been going on! Next things on the agenda are- 3 Bobby Long shows, Kings of Leon,  in September. It’s gonna be an AMAZING month!! Cannot wait!

And I’m in the process of updating my YouTube channel with all the video footage that I take. Go subscribe!!


MEGA Update…

Ok to catch you all up on what has happened:

  • 2 Bobby Long shows
  • Kings of Leon show
  • MuteMath “Armistice” Listening Party

Yes, I’ve been quite a busy bee. So let’s recap shall we…

Bobby Long, Night #1-

He performed at SOB’s this time.. His 1st show in a venue like this. I must admit, I never would have thought i’d see him perform here, because SOB’s stands for “Sounds of Brazil”. They cater to Brazilian music, but over the years they have branched out into other genres. This was the night of “HOPEstock”. There were so many talented acts there, I was completely enjoyed every moment of the night. All the artists were diverse enough to keep it quite fresh and interesting.

Bobby’s set was the most anticipated of the night, though, made very obvious by loud cheers of “PHIL! PHIL! PHIL!” as he took the stage to ready Bobby’s guitar. But as soon as the man of the hour walked onstage, the crowd went insane! The host even commented “Damn, ya’ll love some Bobby!” Bobby happened to walk past me, as I patted his arm and yelled a final ‘Good luck!’ to him. He was his usual British, quirky, shy self, and the crowd loved it. But as soon as his eyes closed and he started to sing, all his anxiousness disappeared. It was just a man and his guitar, singing from his soul to anyone who will listen. His music comes across honest and very organic, and had everyone in the room totally captivated. He sang 6 songs – 1 coming as a complete surprise to whom he dedicated to “a woman he met in a restaurant, that was meant to be a joke”.

After his set, he retired to the VIP section, doing press and taking photos. Afterward, there was a small meet and greet where Bobby met and chatted with fans, signed merch, and took photos for EVERYONE who waited. He was gracious and humble and quite charming.

But that was just a tease compared to:

Bobby Long, Night #2-

This show brings us to Arlene’s Grocery, which is admittedly, Bobby’s favorite venue to play at. He certainly did not disappoint! It was the best I’ve ever heard him sound! His playing has also excelled. He was unafraid to try new things, both vocally and musically. He also talked a lot more, and interacted with the audience.

The part that always makes me laugh, and even made Bobby laugh, is on “Dead and Done” when he sings “Johnny Cash came round and we split a beer…” everyone always cheers! It’s very funny, because he has to keep singing and he starts smiling every single time! Ha!

The hour long show was followed by the usual meet and greet. He stayed until each and every fan who was on line got a photo with him. Talk about dedication!

For photos from these shows, check out:

Kings of Leon-

Caleb tunes his guitar for the next song

So about a week ago I managed to score a free fan pass to see the Kings of Leon perform on the Today show. The fan pass just allows you a closer viewing spot, but the show itself is free. I left my house at about 1:45am and got there around 3:30am. There were only 7 people on the fan pass line at that time, so I was happy! We entered the stage area at about 5:30am and got to see KOL warm up and soundcheck. They sounded amazing live! Caleb’s voice is just ungodly good! I was mesmerized by it! The show continued on, with them performing 3 songs total- “Use Somebody”, “Notion” and “Sex on Fire”. It was a great experience! Probably the only time I will ever get front row to see KOL, I’m so glad that I decided to go!

For more KOL, visit There is a video and a few pictures that I took. For the whole set of photos, visit:

Mutemath Mobile Listening Party-


After I changed my clothes, I headed out to Jersey City, NJ for the Mutemath Mobile Listening Party, or MMLP for short, for their new album “Armistice”. Of all the luck in the world, nothing could have prepared me for Paul Meany being on our bus!! If you don’t know, Paul is the lead singer/songwriter/keys for the band. Genuinely down to earth, funny, intelligent and engaging. I was very impressed with him. One interesting interaction with him- when he asked “What song would you be disappointed not to see on tour?” and I replied “Stall Out”.  His reply- “Stall Out?? REALLY?” He sounded genuinely surprised, as if that song was the one that nobody ever chose. I reveled in his reaction, because everyone else’s choices got the headnod, and the “Ok” or “Right” or “Yes”. (grins) I wanted to ask him why was he shocked to hear that mentioned, but I just settled for “Of course, it’s my favorite.” Anyway, we were armed with a pen and a clipboard to record our thoughts on the various songs of the album. Not surprisingly, the space they gave me for my thoughts was far too little. The album provoked so many images and emotions, I couldn’t contain the thoughts rolling around in my head. It was heartbreaking, whimsical, funky, explosive, experimental, gritty, and overall a complete sonic journey.

Needless to say, this album blew me away. I was literally tearing up on one song, although I cannot remember which it was! There were so many beautiful points in this album that it’s hard to decipher when the feeling was evoked. But I’ve said it numerous times- the sign of a great album is when it causes me to FEEL something when I listen to it. No, not just nod my head, tap my foot, or spew out a lyric or two, but really FEEL the emotions that the songwriter and musicians were feeling at the time they conceived it. And this album does it for me. Mutemath has always done that for me. And it’s why they will and most likely will always be my favorite band. Period. I highly suggest you all check out “Armistice” on August 18th. You will not be disappointed. Also, check out their tourdates on Best live show I’ve ever seen in my life, seriously.

The MMLP was a fantastic experience that I wouldn’t hesitate to do again. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in putting it together. And, special thanks to Paul for agreeing to take a photo with me:

Me and Paul Meany at the MMLP

Me and Paul Meany at the MMLP

So yes, that’s all folks! But have no fear… I will have lots more to report- Friday and Saturday are the Sam Bradley shows at Joe’s Pub. I’m sure there will be lots to talk about after those.

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