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Visions of JellyBabies…

Ohhhh k. So here’s the first blog entry from the iPad. Takes some getting used to, but I’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

London. The final frontier. Not really, just wanted to say that,ha! I made a decision to chronicle my time there, Paris and Brighton so that I will never forget it. I think you could consider this a milestone. My first time out of the US, my shiny new passport just begging for a stamp. I’m beyond excited! Looking forward to all the new sights, sounds, smells and accents to bombard my senses. Haha.

While I’m testing this app out, might as well test this photo feature too….

If that’s any indication, Sofarsounds is on the agenda while I’m away as well. Cannot wait to see the talent across the pond.

Well I guess that’s all for now… Next post soon!



John Mayer: Guitar God

Yep, I said it. Guitar God. I’ve been to 3 John Mayer shows and I’ve never in my life heard this man play like he did last night. He made that guitar sing, cry, and scream. OMG.. On “Gravity”? Shut up! I hope to everything holy everyone has a chance to see him play. AMAZING!

Even though this show was touted as “FREE” it was no skimping on his part. He played for a full 2.5 hours! Starting off with “Heartbreak Warfare” he was just getting back into his groove.

He played a wide range of songs, many from “Continuum”, while trying out the newer ones from “Battle Studies”, like “Half of my Heart”, “Edge of Desire”, Friends, Lovers or Nothing”, and “Who Says”. But…. he even played “Comfortable” from “Room for Squares”! I haven’t heard him play this song live in forever!! He struggled with the chords and some lyrics because it’s been forever, but did a great job. Then he went right into his amazing cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Falling”. He asked us to sing the chorus, and it was HARD!! Really not as easy as it looks to stay on the right tone and pitch on that high note, especially yelling it at the top of your lungs. He seemed very amused with our horrible singing. LOL

He really got into the groove about the middle part of the show and dusted off the cobwebs on “Gravity”. If I could explain to you how brilliantly amazing he played this song, you would be in shock. It’s almost like you can visibly see when he goes into that zone and just lets the music flow out through his fingertips. At one point, he removed the guitar strap, held the guitar in his left hand, played it with just that one hand, and came over to us and used his free hand to slap us fives. People were tugging on his pants, touching his legs, touching the guitar… but he still stayed focused and played on. He took this girls camera and used it as a guitar slide at one point to finish out a whole section of the song, and IT SOUNDED GOOD! Not one bad note.

He had tons of crowd interaction and banter as well. During the show he was talking about how gossip mags always want to print stuff about his personal life and the paparazzi always take these random pics of him getting out of his car, or coming out of his apartment, but “until they make that picture of me coming out of my apartment sound like ‘Gravity’ they can go to hell!” And he’s right. When did it become all about his personal life? This man loves to play and plays well. That’s all he’s really focused on, and so should we.

So he went on to talk about how everyone makes a big deal about who he dates and how he’s always labeled a womanizer. He said “how do I know what I want if I don’t test the waters”?? At that time, the house lights went up and he walked slowly across the stage, pointing out attractive women that “he’d love to spend time with.” All of a sudden, a black bra was launched up onto the stage right near his feet.

Do you see him holding the bra? LOL! He then proceeded to say “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” and twirls it over his head. Whoever that girl is, was so ballsy to do that. Later on in the night, she exposed her whole breast for John to sign. He did.

After that, he played a few more songs, most of which I put my camera down for because I was awestruck at how good he was and really wanted to give him my full attention. That is when a lot of eye sex happened. If you’ve never been to a show of his then you don’t know what I mean, but he is famous for his eye sex. He locks eyes with people while he plays and sings sometimes, and last night I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of some of it. When I say orgasmic, I mean it. His gaze is intense, almost so much I felt like i should look away. But I didn’t. I managed to stick it out without fainting. LOL

Afterward, he proceeded to take peoples cameras and snap photos of him with the crowd. He took my camera, but it happened so fast, I didn’t have time to change the camera setting to turn on flash.

Sorry for the blurriness. But yes, that’s me! Proof of how damn close I was. I’ve never seen him do a show without some sort of barrier. I swear if he would have turned his head, we would have been kissing. That’s how close he was, LOL!

After the show, he stayed for autographs. He signed nearly everyone’s stuff. He’s an all around amazing musician and nice guy. I’m not sure why he gets the “douche” label sometimes. I think maybe because he has that sarcastic, dry humor that most people don’t get right off the bat.

So yeah, an amazing experience. Thanks to Myspace and to John Mayer for making this happen. I’ll probably never get front row for a show ever again, so this was well worth the 10 hours of waiting in line 🙂

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